Care Beyond Measure Au Pty Ltd has deployed Rosternet as its tool to manage their personal carers activities. As we provide in-house home care for the aged and/or people with disability, our roster system needs to be flexible as well as able to cope with multiple locations rostering. We are pleased with what Rosternet is able to do and even more pleased with the support service offered which is professional, timely and responsive. When we switched from 32 to 64 bit windows, the software was quickly updated to meet our requirements – we very much appreciated the support we received at the time. We would recommend Rosternet to any potential user.
PO Box 101 North Bendigo Vic 3550 Australia

Sam Tayeh | Managing Director ,Care Beyond Measure AU P/L

Your programme is extremely elegant and we are looking forward to using it with great relief!
Our 8 supervisors currently work from home and share the same employees. Until RosterNet we have had to email back and forth and round and round…… thanks for a great solution. :)

Furthermore 1: Exquisite! Still loading some data but so far every permutation is OK – nice work :)
Thanks for everything.

Furthermore 2: I love the upgrade – being able to see the maximum shift hours per week on the Shift Management screen is so helpful.

Furthermore 3: We are truly delighted with Rosternet. Thanks to its highly flexible and intuitive nature it has been easy to customise for our field staff. In addition to saving many hours admin (and much frustration) each week, it is doubles as our employee leave record. Thanks again for your after sales service as well, it is much appreciated.

SL, NSW, Australia (Landscaping Industry)

Again – thanks for asking – I must say the overall feel of your program with the recent changes is much better. Thanks for taking our suggestions seriously and making these changes. It is a pleasure knowing that you are striving to make an already awesome product better. As always – thanks for your time with my questions. Almost there. This works great and the sending of the emails also works great.

Dan D, USA (Retail)

Finally, having viewed the tutorials a few times, I must commend you guys for a job welldone in writing all the codes that make this software possible. It really is a beautiful piece and you definitely have a customer in me.

Charles J, UK (Security)

Thanks again for all your help and assistance. You have no idea how glad I am when I was checking out roster systems that I purchased yours. Last month when I was at a womans business meeting I mentioned your software to several people and my local bank business manager is also recommending it now.

Debbie M, Australia (Home Care)

Sorted – was a permission error on the log directory :). Will have a good play with the system and be in touch over the next month or so. Thanks for your help – first rate customer service :)

Paul G, Wales (Security)

Thank you for being such a great and accessible “help desk” for all my queries. We look forward to further contacts.

Fiona J, Melbourne, Australia (International Games)

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The only limit of the staff software is that you can only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning.