The use of the word ‘Current’ in these actions refers to a restriction of the visibility to the person who is currently logged in. This visibility may be set the the System Administrator.

Shifts are a most important function in RosterNet. Here, most of the previous set up processes come together to create the shifts.

The actions here provide for RosterNet shift time management. This covers the addition, editing, copying, viewing, and distribution of shifts, but not the actual allocation of workers to shifts. This is done using the Shift Allocation actions.

When adding a shift, a funding body and location are first selected. Then one or more shifts are added for a given position and times. A break of time during the shift may also be added. A series of shifts at regular intervals may be created in the same operation. Each shift is initially “Unallocated” to any worker.

There is a comprehensive number of ways to view shifts. Shifts may be viewed either as a table or in a calendar style of format. They may be viewed for a given funding body, location or worker. There is an option to control the visibility of locations, addresses and positions.

Shifts may be viewed in a table or a calendar presentation.

The Shift Management view allows a manager to maintain a set of shifts.

A worker may be advised of their shift in one of three ways.

  • They may be permitted to log into RosterNet by the Administrator to view their shift times.
  • They may have their individual shift times printed and mailed to them. A bulk printing option allows all workers to have their shifts printed in one Administrative action. When printing, the address is positioned for mailing in a windowed DL envelope.
  • They may have their shift times emailed to them.
When a shift is created, there is an additional administrative feature provided. The from and to times of a shift are also copied into another group of fields where the actual from and to times are set.

After a shift has been worked there is provision verification that the shift times actually worked to be entered. This is only necessary if there is a variance between the proposed and actual times. The ID of the person who does the Verify Shift Worked action is added to the record.

When viewing shifts in the Shift Times actions, a total of shift times over a time period may be shown for a given funding body, location or worker. These times are based on the actual times and not the proposed times. These times may be exported from RosterNet for using in some financial application in the Administrator Actions.

Shifts may also be edited, copied or deleted.