When a person is added to RosterNet, they must be given one or more positions.

This position allows them to be

  • Allocated as a worker for a given position
  • To allow them to receive a shift worker to support them as a client
  • To have some other position and be entered into the RosterNet database as, for example, an administrator.
Examples of positions that a worker may occupy are Security Guard, Registered Nurse, Overnight Carer, Call Centre operator. When a position for a worker has been created, a shift time can be added to the database for this position.
The names of a Position may be added, edited, viewed or deleted.

Rates – Any number of rates may be applied to each Position. A cost may be assigned to each rate. These rates may be:

  • Based on the time of a day. The times must not overlap. The day may be any combination of weekday, one only day of the week, etc.
  • Based on a day of the year where a different rate is to apply, eg, Christmas Day.

Summaries of shifts are available for times for each rate, as well as costs.