Personnel functions are performed here.

When a person is added they are allocated to one or more existing Positions. Many details may be included, but only a few are mandatory.

A person is also assigned a Menu Access Group (see Administration functions), and a login user name and password. This allows them to be able to log in as allowed by the Administrator.

When a person is added to RosterNet, they must be given one or more positions.

This position allows them to be:

  • Allocated to a shift as a worker for a given position
  • To allow them to receive a shift worker to support them as a client
  • To have some other position and be entered into the RosterNet database as, for example, an administrator.
Examples of positions that a worker may occupy are Security Guard, Registered Nurse, Overnight Carer, Call Center operator. When a position for a worker has been created, a shift time can be added to the database for this position.

A person who is to be a worker may also have a particular skill, such as a certificate or a language. Such key skills may be matched against a key need that a location may require.

Persons may be added, edited, details viewed or deleted. Searches may be made for workers with special attributes.

The Edit Current User Details entry only allows the details of the person currently logged in to be viewed. This ensures privacy of personnel if other menu entries are disabled by the System Administrator.

A person who is a worker may have additional functions relating to their shift availability in this menu.

  • Allowance between Shifts Actions. A worker may be made unavailable for a period of time before and after a shift. This enables the person to have travelling time, or time out after a shift. If this facility was not there, a worker who has just completed an 8 hour shift could be selected for another 8 hour shift immediately after.
  • Time Off Actions. A worker may be recorded as not being available to be allocated to a shift for a period of days. This would be used for annual leave, etc.
  • Weekly Preference Actions. A worker may be recorded as not being available to be allocated to a shift on a given day or time of the week, each week.

Each of these three functions offer the functions of Add, Edit, View and Delete.