RosterNet may be freely downloaded as a demonstration version for Microsoft Windows.

There is no programmed limit on the number of entries of data with this version, except that, when installed on your system, only 20 shifts may be added from midnight each morning.

When you have paid for a lock code, this restriction is removed.

Note: You must be logged in to Windows with Administration privileges to install RosterNet. If you are not a Windows Administrator, ask your IT personnel to install it for you.

It is important that you choose the option to 'Run as administrator' to install correctly.

To install, download and Run the file, ‘RosterNetSetup.exe’, for a 32 bit Windows system OR ‘RosterNetSetupx64.exe’, for a 64 bit Windows system.

Note that your firewall may request some permissions during this install because this is a web based product. The install and execution cannot be completed without these permissions being permanently granted.

If on completion of the install the browser indicated that the login file, index.jsp, cannot be found, you may have not chosen the 'Run as admnistrator' option. You will need to uninstall RosterNet and re-install with the correct option.

Download for FREE to install on your own computer and test with your own data.
The only limit of the staff software is that you can only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning.

Buy once and own. No monthly costs. Just use a browser like Internet Explorer.