You need to consider the impact of the business continuity of your suppliers on your own operation.It is instructive to work out how long it will be to cover the purchase costs of shift management software against savings in time and reduction in staffing errors. It may be only about 17 weeks. Your choice of software needs to give you flexibility in the manner in which you deploy it.

Your Business Shift Management Continuity

Your need for shift management services should be independent of any business other than your own. This means that if you are dependent on a software company that hosts your data and provides the software to run it and this is unavailable to you, you are subject to their business continuity. This puts you at risk.

With our product, you purchase a license to install and use the software and maintain your data yourself. You are not even subject to our business continuity (not that we intend any change in the foreseeable future).

You have 3 deployment choices with our product.

  • Install the product on one of your office computers. It may then be used on that computer, or networked for use on any other computer. You do NOT need to have a web site.
  • If you host your own website, install it as above, and connect it to your site. The web server must be capable of supporting Java Servlets using Apache Tomcat and a database such as MySQL or Firebird.
  • You can have it hosted by a ISP that can support Apache Tomcat. Your business continuity is assured if you also install the same version of the software on one of your own computers, and frequently use the backup command to copy the data from the ISP to your own computer.

You should aim to be independent of other businesses for this critical function of your operation. With our product, you are.

Return on investment (ROI)

Pay / Month Options

You may use one of the hosted schemes where you pay an amount per month based on the number of employees. If you have 100 employees and are charged, say $60 / month, then you could pay for our product in, perhaps 10 months. You would still be subject to their business continuity. We allow an unlimited number of employees.

Manual Methods

With a staff rostering software (or roster software) application like RosterNet to assist you with the shift management task, you need to consider the Return On Investment (ROI) that RosterNet will provide. There are many ways of looking at ROI. We will assume that ROI is defined for a capital purchase as (savings – cost) / cost over the first year. To make the ROI more specific and to use a generic dollar ‘$’ as the unit of currency, assume the following: Manual shift management takes 2 hours per week at a cost of $20 per hour = $40 per week = $2080 per year. If RosterNet based shift management took 30 minutes per week, the time savings would be (120 – 30 =) 90 minutes per week, resulting in a cost saving of $1560 per year. If the cost of the full version of RosterNet is approximately $AUD699, then it would result in a payback period of 23 weeks or a ROI of 123% in the first year. If the smaller version, RosterNetOne, were used, then at $AUD499, the payback period would be 17 weeks or a ROI of 213% in the first year. Think about it. A payback period of 17 – 23 weeks and a ROI of 123 – 213% in the first year. The cost in future years is zero unless new functionality is purchased. Of course, the time that you take to perform the shift management task within your company will depend on many factors, the most significant of which will be the number of shift staff, and whether they are full time or casual.

Web based versus Windows Application based

All your Windows computers have a browser installed. This is all you need to access our software. If it is installed internally to your company, then you are not subject to external Internet availability factors. With our web based product, communication of shifts using email or password protected login is standard from any computer that is connected to the server where you installed it. No software needs to be installed in any other computer. Just use the browser. The negative factor is that the download size is larger (30 – 35Mb) because all the web and database support is contained in it. The installer looks after this for you. Because our software is Java based, the same code will run equally well on a Windows or a Linux machine. The host we use for the ‘Try me’ demonstrations is Unix based.

Download for FREE to install on your own computer and test with your own data.
The only limit of the staff software is that you can only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning.

Buy once and own. No monthly costs. Just use a browser like Internet Explorer.