You may benefit from some of the following:

  • Purchase is once only with unlimited entries and duration
  • Automatic rostering in accordance with award rules
  • Accidental double allocation of workers cannot occur
  • Rates may be related to each shift position that break up the times and costs in an itemized list
  • Shift times that have not yet been allocated to workers are clearly visible
  • Shifts can be specified and color coded
  • Employees may work in multiple locations and multiple shifts in one day
  • Colour coded positions
  • On call shifts
  • Accumulated hours of time between two dates may be displayed and exported to a financials package
  • Workers can allocate themselves to shifts or view only their shifts online if allowed by the administrato
  • Total shift times are based on administrator verification of time actually worked
  • A break within a shift is allowed for
  • The location where a shift is worked may have an allowance of time set for a period of days
  • Powerful facility to search for people with special skills, eg, language, for a given shift
  • Copying of groups of shifts to future times
  • Emailing of shifts
  • Send SMS’s of shifts to workers mobile phones. You need an account with a Email to SMS gateway provider for this function.
  • Each person who is a shift worker can have a number of positions when working on shifts

A comprehensive set of administrative functions such as:

  • Administrator controlled login of users
  • Administrator can control the menus that are visible to users on a role basis
  • Capacity to export/import the database to a local workstation under administrator control
  • Can import personnel data from Access, Excel or similar databases
  • Can export shift time data as Comma Separated Value (CSV) or XML file so that financials can be calculated

RosterNet is available in three versions, RosterNetBasic, RosterNetOne and RosterNet.

RosterNetBasic RosterNetOne RosterNet
No need to distiguish between the positions of employees. Multiple positions of employees, eg, chef, waiter. Multiple positions of employees, eg, chef, waiter.
No need to distiguish between the locations of shifts. All shifts take place at only one location. Shifts may take place at multiple locations, addresses or funding bodies.
No costings of shifts. Shifts may be costed. Shifts may be costed.

RosterNetBasic is the simplest version that you would choose if all your shifts are at the one location and you do not need to distinguish between the positions held by your personnel. A typical situation would be a small retail store at one location. It does not allow automatic rostering or award rules.

RosterNetOne is a simple version that you would choose if all your shifts are at the one location. A typical situation would be a call centre where you would like to distinguish between, say a supervisor and an operator. The centre operates from only one location.

RosterNet allows for rostering where:

  • Your shifts are at multiple companies, each of which may have one or more addresses, and each address may have one or more locations within that address.

    An example would be a hospital with several campuses each at their own address, and multiple departments within each address where shifts are to be carried out.

    Another example would be a security company providing a service for many companies (funding bodies), each of which requires a service at one or more addresses in their chain, and possibly several locations (perhaps entrances) within each address.


  • Your shifts are at the street addresses of peoples homes as in a home care situation.

All versions provide for a worker not to be allocated to a shift such as:

  • Time before/after a shift
  • Recurring times when a worker is not available, eg, weekends, day/evening
  • Non-recurring times when a worker is not available, eg, annual leave

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The only limit of the staff software is that you can only add 20 shifts from midnight each morning.